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Willow Class Homework – Term 5

Choose one piece of homework from the list below to do each week. You are not expected to complete all pieces.

  • Write a setting description of the Amazon Rainforest.
  • List 5 ways in which you could protect the rainforest.
  • Create a fact file about an animal from the Amazon Rainforest. Include drawings.
  • Write a persuasive advert for a Rainforest explorer.
  • Create a fact file about a Brazilian footballer.
  • Use PowerPoint to compare and contrast the River Waveney to the Amazon River.
  • Write a set of instructions on how to climb a rainforest tree.
  • Make a landmark from Brazil.
  • Using your maths skills, can you cost a trip to Brazil for a family of four?
  • Research the foods that come from South America and find them in the supermarket.
  • Learn how to count to 20 in a language from South America.
  • Draw two clocks showing the time both in England and Brazil. What is the time difference?

Please click below to download spellings.