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EYFS, Y1, Y2 and Y3 Apps.*

*Try out a few nursery and primary apps for FREE! Offer Ends tomorrow.

Available: Today Tuesday 28th April - Wednesday 29th April

The Nessy Team are setting several of their nursery/reception and primary school apps free today and tomorrow (Wednesday), to get your feedback! Download them for free (you get to keep them forever), and if your child enjoys them, please leave us a review right from the app.

These apps teach LETTER SOUNDS and early sound blending, foundational PHONICS, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, and teach the 100 Ideas to improve?
The Nessy Hairy apps are designed for pre-school and primary school kids - ages 3-8 years old. 
These apps teach LETTER SOUNDS and early sound blending, foundational PHONICS with consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs, and teach the 100 most frequent SIGHT WORDS. 

The Dyslexia Outreach Team have recommended them too.

Please note:
We've discovered that all 4 apps will load onto an iPad but only 2 will load onto android devices, so obviously it will depend on what is available for parents and pupils.


Hairy Letters


Master the alphabet with the help of the Hairies!
Learn how to write all 26 letters.  Learn the letter sounds. 
Play games to blend the sounds into 3-letter words! 

Apple: Click here

Hairy Phonics 1


After learning the letters, learn how they sometimes work together as consonant digraphs (that’s two letters that come together to make one sound). 
Master this and other early phonics with the Haries! 
Android: Click here
AppleClick here

Hairy Phonics 2


Vowel digraphs are two letters that come together to make one sound! Master this early phonic skill with the Haries! 
Play games to blend phonemes into words.
AndroidClick here
AppleClick here

Hairy Words 1


Sight Words are tricky words that we see a lot but can be hard to read and spell. 
Learn the 100 most common sight words with the Hairies. 

AppleClick here

*Unfortunately, due to restrictions on Android, we are only able to offer Hairy Phonics 1 and 2 for free on this platform. 

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Have a great day!

The Nessy Team