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What our children learn and how they learn it is of great importance and we give serious thought to how we design our curriculum.

The foundation of our curriculum is our schools’ shared vision. It is summarised in our mission statement:

We see it as our mission to grow the whole child - intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. To provide them, within a Christian environment, with every learning opportunity possible and to empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We see our curriculum as ever-changing to meet the needs of the children in our community in our unique setting. We are acutely aware that the children in our school have unique needs and we are constantly assessing and striving to meet them.

While our curriculum is constantly changing, it is guided by some carefully chosen principles found in our Curriculum Rationale

Each subject has a long term plan that sets out the knowledge that children should learn and when this will be taught. You can find these in Curriculum Plans and Objectives. We have also identified the skills that children should develop. You can find these in Skills Coverage Grids.

Teachers use all of these documents to plan inspiring and interesting lessons. As a parent you may like to take a look at these documents too and plan some learning opportunities of your own!