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PE in school and Sports Competitions

Following the positive feedback from our last PE newsletter, here is your next instalment! PE within the school has been so much fun this term and I’m excited to let you know about some of our plans for 2020. 

Sport Squad 

The fantastic Sport Squad have been leading running clubs this half term for our pupils from Year 1-6. They have taken on the responsibility to identify pupils who demonstrate great sportsmanship and perseverance and have started to award special ‘Sport Squad’ certificates. Well done to all winners this term. Following the success of the running clubs the sport squad will continue for the next half term. We shall also see some break ‘time challenges’ such as ‘how many skips in a minute’ and ‘how many basketball shots in a minute.’ 

PE Provision 

To support our PE delivery and provide children with specific expertise, will shall be welcoming some outside coaches. After Christmas, we shall be excited to have T800 Crossfit’s Ellie Barnes for Reception and Year 1 pupils on a Monday afternoon. We have Diss RFC’s Youth Development coach for Years 6 and 4 on a Tuesday afternoon as well as having Coach Mr Cutting from Premier Sports to deliver some of the PE curriculum on a Friday. 

Enrichment Days 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our two sports enrichment days; so far we have taken part in Lacrosse and Archery. It has been fantastic for our pupils to try different activities and we are looking forward to our upcoming events with a performing arts twist! All pupils shall take part in ‘West End Musical Day’ Wednesday 12th February and ‘Bringing Books to Life Day’ Wednesday 1st April. These shall both be delivered by performing arts specialists from premier Sport. 


In order to offer our pupils the opportunity to take part in more physical activity we will be introducing more varied clubs. There will now be Netball on Thursday afternoons for Years 4,5,6, Rugby on Tuesday afternoon for KS2 (£3 per session) and Hockey on Wednesday lunch for Years 5 and 6. We shall also be offering two new clubs; Gymnastics Club run by Premier Sport on Fridays for Year 1-6 pupils and a Football Club for Reception, 1,2 on Tuesdays. These will be on offer after the Christmas break. The Premier Sport clubs can be signed up online or via phone 01953 499040 whilst the other clubs can be signed up via the club letter or at the school office. 

If your child is classed as pupil premium and would like to join a club please contact the office staff for any support.

Sports Equipment 

This year, following a pupil vote we are now the proud owners of a brand new wooden climbing prism which pupils will soon be able to enjoy at break and lunch time. It is really important that we, as a school listen to the ‘pupil voice’ and so following the children’s interest in the enrichment days we have also now ordered some new Lacrosse and archery equipment as well as re stocking the PE shed and play box! 


We have had some great success stories so far in the pyramid competitions with a tough Cross Country event resulting in some pupils through to the county final. Our school Football team came home with gold medals and our Rugby team bought home the bronze. The sportsmanship, hard work and determination has been fantastic to see. Well done to all involved! The upcoming half term sees Sportshall Athletics (21st Jan), Penathlon (27th Jan) Basketball (29th Jan) and Hockey (10th March). 

I hope you continue to enjoy the addition of the ‘Sports Newsletter’ and find it useful.  

Yours sincerely 
Miss Hilton 
PE Coordinator